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Spray Paint Booth Maintenance. Keeping Your Paint Booth Clean

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Spray Paint Booth Maintenance. Keeping your booth clean.
If your new to using an industrial paint booth, it may seem odd that keeping it clean would be important, but don’t worry, there are good reasons. One of the most important has less to do with paint and more to do with dust and debris getting into your paint job. To help you avoid those kinds of problems, your friends here at Marathon Finishing have put together a brief list of ways to keep your booth clean, and why industrial paint booth cleaning matters.
Keeping Dust At Bay
The first, most important, and most basic thing to do is keep dust out. The simplest way to do that is keep the booth closed as much as possible. When opening it, make sure that it is filtering out any airborne debris or contaminating dust. It also helps if you don’t leave things in the booth, and never do any sanding. You can take it a step further by using caulking and seals around entrances, frames and other small openings.
Good filtering is part of keeping dust out, but it also contributes to proper ventilation. With that in mind, it’s well worth it to invest in reputable, high-quality filters. We can help in that regard by recommending filters specifically for your booth!
Clean The Booth Regularly
Even the best engineered booths and the most careful spraying hand sometimes fall victim to overspray, which can collect anywhere in the booth. That overspray can easily become a source of dust and particles that can muck up other paint jobs, so it’s important to do industrial spray paint booth cleaning/maintenance thoroughly and often.
Check Your Tools
Similarly to the booth, your tools need careful maintenance and attention to make sure they don’t create problems. Buildup on your paint gun or air hose can easily cause problems with getting the clean finish you want. Check them before each use, and clean them after
If you keep up with routine paint booth maintenance, you’re sure to have great finishes with each trip to the booth. Contact us at any time for information on our services, our specials, or to find out how we can help you!