Spray Paint Booths Cost and Benefits

Spray Paint Booths Cost and Benefits, and Why You Need One

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Looking into the cost and benefits of acquiring a Spray Paint Booth?

Getting a spray paint booth can represent a big step, both for the hobbyist and the business owner. But why bother? What kind of investment is a spray booth? Your team here at Marathon Finishing has had years of experience seeing how both spray booths and the lack thereof can impact a project. Here are just a few of the most compelling reasons we’ve seen for incorporating a spray booth into your work.

Environmental Safety

One of the major benefits of booths is that they are designed to contain hazardous gases and materials so that they don’t pose a danger to the environment, or those working with them. Large scale booths are even able to quickly filter out gases so they don’t impact the environment and so people inside the booths don’t suffer adverse effects from a build-up.

Quality Outcomes

Spraying outside a booth can result in a lot of potential issues in a paint or adhesive coating without very careful attention. Common problems include water blistering, poor adhesion that leads to flaking, loosening, dust particles and more. Spray booths create controlled environments, kept at the right temperature, free from drafts or wind, and protected from dust and debris.

Cost Saving

Spray booths can also save you a lot of money, partly a side effect of having better quality results. You won’t have to use as many layers, and the layers you use will have more uniformity and better transfer ratings. But it will also make your spray process faster, meaning you save time and the associated money.

Marathon Finishing provides the latest and most up-to-date spray booth technology to our clients. We also produce custom made booths for specific needs. Our professional paint booths and stations are of the highest quality and can be delivered conveniently. To learn more about getting your own spray paint booth or using spray booths contact us today.