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7 Ways to Determine the Best Paint/Spray Booth

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You’re looking for a paint or spray booth, and aren’t sure where to start. The decision is important, and the wrong one can cost you time, money and your company’s reputation if products are not covered correctly. The wrong booth can also be dangerous for employees. Here are the questions to ask to help ensure you’re finding the best paint/spray booth for your business.

  1. How long has the company been in the paint/spray booth business? 

This is a good indication of how satisfied customers are with the company and how solid they are – companies with a bad reputation don’t tend to stay in business long – especially when word can spread so fast now.

  1. Do they have paint/spray clients in my industry?

The needs in your particular industry may be somewhat specialized and a company that has worked in that space before for a paint or spray booth can bring some specialized knowledge and experience that can prove very beneficial to you. You don’t want a company learning your industry on your dime.

  1. Does the company have repeat customers for their paint and spray booths?

This is a function of value, quality and responsiveness. Happy customers feel satisfied with all three and will return.

  1. What do their reviews say? (not just the ones on their website, but the ones online)

It’s easy for any company to cherry pick great reviews and post them on their website, but dive deeper and see if there are other reviews on their paint/spray booths and the company itself in Google My Business and/or Yelp. See if there are any themes that keep popping up like poor service or delivery times that are excessive or pricing surprises at the end. They will alert you to possible issues.

  1. How responsive is the company to my initial query?

How long did the company take to respond after they first heard from you that you were interested? A matter of hours? A day? Longer? A company that is customer-centric will respond quickly, assuming they are not overloaded, which could also be a problem. 

  1. How does their pricing/value compare to their competitors?

Price isn’t everything because there may also be differences in the types of materials that are used and what is included. But in general, unless there are substantial differences you can discern, the value for what you’re getting should be in the same neighborhood as a competitor.

  1. What is the quality of the materials they’re using for your paint/spray booth?

A lower price may indicate a lower grade of materials – and that may be fine for what you need. But it makes sense to ask this question and compare.

  1. Are they helping you make the best decision or just “selling”?

Is your salesperson taking the time to learn about your company and make an educated recommendation or simply pushing you to sign on the dotted line?

A company like Marathon Spray Booths will pass the test on all these questions. They’re a great place to start for painting, spraying, refinishing, grinding, sanding, powder coating and more.