Small Parts Booths - 52 Wide

Why Use a Spray Booth?

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When it comes to painting, there’s no room for error. The slightest mistake can ruin the entire project, which is why many people choose to use spray booths when painting. Spray booths are enclosed areas where the painter can work without having to worry about the paint spreading to other parts of the room or getting on their clothes. Spray …

Small Parts Booth 30 Wide Floor Model - ETL Listed

How Can I Choose the Best Paint Booth?

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When it comes to painting, you want to make sure that you’re doing it in a way that is going to be as safe as possible. This is why having a paint booth is such a good idea – it helps to contain the fumes and the mess, making it easier to clean up when you’re done. If you’re in …

How Can I Find the Best Spray Paint Booth?

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You need a great spray paint booth for your business, and don’t want to make a mistake that will jeopardize your quality of service or the safety of your employees. Here are some important criteria you should consider when working to find the best spray paint booth. How long has the company been in business? Longevity is a sign of …

Paint and Spray Booths

7 Ways to Determine the Best Paint/Spray Booth

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You’re looking for a paint or spray booth, and aren’t sure where to start. The decision is important, and the wrong one can cost you time, money and your company’s reputation if products are not covered correctly. The wrong booth can also be dangerous for employees. Here are the questions to ask to help ensure you’re finding the best paint/spray …

What Should You Look for in an Industrial Spray Paint Booth?

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There are several criteria to consider when selecting an industrial spray paint booth for your business. They include airflow style, size, budget and industry regulations. Of these, airflow style should be considered the most important when selecting a booth for spraying or power coating. Start with the quality of the finish for the products you are painting. A Crossdraft Paint …