Mobile Prep Stations

When you’re working on cars, trucks and machinery, dust collection can be a critical issue. What can you do? Check out Marathon’s Mobile Prep Stations! With 2 models to choose from, you can get proper dust collection that fits your work environment. Whether you choose the “Prep Pro” or the “Prep Max”, we have what you need. You’ll get a great solution at a fantastic price! Call us now at 1-800-919-9035 to discuss how your work environment can be improved with our innovative products.

Mobile Prep Stations

Marathon’s versatile Mobile Prep Stations are surprisingly easy to use and just as easy to maintain. You may not have the money or need for dust collection for your entire facility, so that’s not always an option. You can’t compromise worker safety, that’s never an option! We’ve designed the Mobile Prep Stations to be a breeze to set up and move around wherever you need, and can be completely out of your way when not in use. Although these units come with standard filter media (an excellent filter material) available from most industrial suppliers, you can use a wide range of more specialized filter media to achieve virtually any level of particulate filtration requirements.

The quality of your work can be greatly affected by the air quality in your shop, and that can be difficult or borderline impossible to keep dust under control without proper air flow control and filtration. Our Mobile Prep Stations can give you the clean air you need to enhance worker safety, allow you to work better, and breathe easy!

  • Prep Pro 6000 Isometric View
  • Prep Pro 6000 Front View
  • Prep Pro 6000 Air Flow
  • Prep Pro 4000 Isometric View
  • Prep Pro 4000 Front View
  • Prep Pro 4000 Air Flow
  • Prep Pro 2000 Isometric View
  • Prep Pro 2000 Front View
  • Prep Pro 2000 Air Flow

The Mobile Prep Station Series”
Marathon Finishing Systems offers the Mobile Prep PRO Stations in two models: The “Prep Pro” and the larger “Prep Max”. Both models are designed to be compact, powerful, and dependable solutions engineered to give you a higher level of dust control, while keeping the cost and space savings in mind.


Marathon designs and manufactures our entire line of industrial products and equipment, from the Mobile Prep Stations and Small Parts Booths to large scale heavy machine production spray paint booths to meet today’s demanding coating technologies. Whether you are spraying solvent-based coatings, waterborne coatings, or a combination of solvent and waterborne coatings, we have the right solution for your application.


Our team will help you choose the equipment configuration for your application and facility. From standard production models to fully customized solutions designed to meet your critical specifications for specialized applications, we make what you need. In fact, most of the systems built and installed by Marathon Finishing Systems are custom engineered, because we all know that “One Size Fits All” never really fits. Once we have your approval to proceed, Marathon Finishing Systems will manufacture, deliver, and install your equipment. We can train your staff to properly operate and maintain your new equipment properly to achieve the highest quality finish, optimal productivity, and the longest possible service life. If you choose, you can also install the booth yourself with our installation instructions. Experience the Marathon difference, and discover why we say “Great Finishes Start Here!”

Call us at 1-800-919-9035 for Mobile Prep Station specifications.
Call us at 1-800-919-9035 for Mobile Prep Station product options.