Outdoor Rated Automotive Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s line of Outdoor Rated Booths are designed to stand up to the harsh treatment from the weather. Rain, wind, sleet, and snow can take their toll on equipment that is not designed to take it. Our booths are structurally reinforced with strengthened joints, support beams, hinges and latches. Let Marathon show you the difference…

Truck & Equipment Outdoor Rated Spray Paint Booths

An Outdoor Rated Spray Booth has many additional concerns that must be addressed in design and engineering due to being exposed to the outside environment. Depending on your location, and the specific climate, the design should be tailored specifically for your application.

Conditions such as wind, rain, and snow (and in some locations, seismic) make a “Custom Design” the only correct way to engineer and manufacture your booth. Marathon has been engineering, building, and installing custom booths fr two decades, and has the experience to get it right. Every time.

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  • Truck & Equipment Outdoor Rated Slide Show
  • Truck & Equipment Outdoor Rated Slide Show
  • Truck & Equipment Outdoor Rated Slide Show
  • Truck & Equipment Outdoor Rated Slide Show
  • Truck & Equipment Outdoor Rated Slide Show
  • Truck & Equipment Outdoor Rated Slide Show
  • Truck & Equipment Outdoor Rated Slide Show
  • Truck & Equipment Outdoor Rated Slide Show

The Outdoor Rated “(ORT) Series” Spray Booth
Each Outdoor Rated Spray Booth is structurally re-enforced, has an integrated, galvanized steel canopy. This heavy duty booth is built to last! Outside air is filtered before it enters the booth, travels horizontally through the booth, and the overspray is filtered as the air leaves the booth.

Marathon Finishing Systems offers a full line of paint booths. Marathon designs and manufactures our entire line of spray booths to meet today’s demanding paint technology. Whether you are spraying solvent-based product (paint), waterborne product only, or a combination of solvent and waterborne product, we have the right solution for your application. Our team will help you choose the right spray booth package for your application and facility. We can also custom design a specialized system, based on your specific requirements. In fact, most of the systems built and installed by Marathon Finishing Systems are custom engineered for our customers.

If you are looking for a booth specifically engineered for the task of painting automobiles, trucks, big rigs, busses, RV’s, or tractors, Marathon Finishing Systems will design, manufacture, deliver, install, and then train your staff to properly operate and maintain the complete system. Or if you choose, you can also install the booth yourself with our installation instructions.

Why choose Marathon over our competition?

Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Our spray booths comply with all national (NFPA 33) environmental, fire, and safety codes.

2. Marathon’s spray booths are “Waterborne” ready or always upgradable.

3. Our booths are all Nut & Bolt type construction. No zip (sheet metal) screws!

4. It’s all about the lights! We deisgn our all of our booths with horizontal lighting fixtures (where possible), to help eliminate shadows.

5. We use only “Inspection Grade” LDPI, Inc. brand light fixtures made in the U.S.A. for spray booth applications.

6. Our Spray & Cure heat systems are manufactured in the U.S.A. Energy Efficient and “LISTED” for compliance.

7. All of Marathons products are manufactured with “Top Brand Name” components, made in the U.S.A.


Marathon sets the Benchmark every year with new product releases and smart booth designs, all for an honest price! This is what you can expect from Marathon Finishing Systems.

Intake, heated booth:
Outside air is filtered twice, once as it enters through the air make up unit located at the rear of the booth, and again as it passes through the intake plenum (shown in green) filters. In this example, this booth is equipped with a Spray & Cure heating unit.
Heated Reverse Air Flow DiagramIntake, non heated booth: The air is filtered once, through the rear intake filter wall before entering the work area.
Non Heated Reverse Air Flow DiagramExhaust: Exhaust: The filtered air travels horizontally across the length of the booth (crossflow). Finally, the air is filtered of overspray and particulates by the exhaust filters before exiting the booth. Marathon uses standard size intake and exhaust filter media, readily available from most paint and refinishing suppliers.