Automotive Paint Booth Heat System. Air Make Up / Spray & Cure Heat Systems.

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A Superior Spray Paint Booth Heat System…

Marathon’s Direct-Fired Booth Heating Systems provide precise controls for ventilation and temperature manipulation for both custom-finishing operations as well as dedicated spray paint booth applications. Our Spray & Bake systems are among the best in the automotive industry. In the Spray mode, they deliver fresh make-up air for high-volume, low-temperature ventilation that enhances operator safety and finish quality.
In the Bake mode, our units provide heated curing air for high temperature ventilation that speeds finish drying, increases finish quality and maximizes overall production. Marathon offers a wide range of system choices, as well as selected options such as cooling and humidity control for custom optimization of Spray & Bake performance.
We can design a specialized solution for operating requirements that range from a single 4,000 unit to 150,000 CFM with multiple units. We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Change the way you work: Higher quality, faster turns, increased productivity and a higher profit margin.

Understanding the Spray & Bake (Cure) Cycle

During the finish spraying cycle, our direct-fired system typically provides 100% outside air that is temperature controlled to between 60° and 90° F and supplied in constant high volume for maximum booth ventilation.

During the finish baking cycle, our direct-fired system typically provides either reduced volume 100% outside air or a higher volume 80/20 blend of recirculated air and outside air that is heated to between 80° and 200° F and supplied to reduce finish drying and curing times.


Marathon’s direct-fired Spray & Bake finishing automotive solutions provide outstanding results in all types of automotive spray paint booths and environments, including downdraft, semi-downdraft, and crossflow. System and product configurations are designed and built to exact application requirements for precise booth conditioning needs. These Spray & Bake systems are most economical and versatile for spray booth applications with low-to moderate finish curing temperatures (80° to 140°F). Designed to provide uniform airflow across the burner, these units ensures maximum fuel efficiency, while “draw-through” ventilation with a forward-curved centrifugal fan ensures precise air-delivery volume. Marathon can configure your heater to fit any type of environment. Some common heater configurations are shown below: