Automotive Refinishing Spray Paint Booths – Paint Booths For Vehicles

Front Air Flow

Automotive Refinishing Front Air Flow Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Automotive Refinishing Front Air Flow Spray Paint Booths are an affordable finishing solution when starting up a new business, without sacrificing quality. This booth’s design makes it a great, “All Around” spray booth, and a very popular model. This design can NOT have a heating unit.

Reverse Air Flow

Automotive Refinishing Reverse Air Flow Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Reverse Air Flow Automotive Spray Paint Booths are engineered for ease of operation and even easier maintenance. An effective solution that yields superior results. This model can be ordered with a heater. Click here for more information about our heat curing units.

Semi Down Draft

Automotive Refinishing Semi Down Draft Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Semi Down Draft Spray Paint Booths are an excellent all around finishing solution, the perfect balance between cost, quality and ease of use and simple maintenance. This model can be ordered with a Spray & Cure heater. Click here to find out more about our heat curing units.

Full Down Draft

Automotive Refinishing Full Down Draft Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Full Down Draft Spray Paint Booths for sale is the top of line. Requiring a pit in the floor or sitting on a raised basement, this is the preferred booth of paint professionals in many industries. This booth can be ordered with a heater. Click here heater information.

Side Down Draft

Automotive Refinishing Side Down Draft Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Side Down Draft Spray Paint Booths are designed to be a premium down draft finishing solution for high-end finishes, but without the added cost of having to dig a pit or build a sub-floor. This model can be ordered with heater. Click here for heater information.

AMU/Spray & Cure Heat

Air Make Up/Spray & Cure Heating Systems

Fuel efficient systems found here! Do you need to add a Spray & Cure Heat System to your new spray booth order? Need to upgrade your existing spray booth? Are you working with Waterborne paints? If you need heat, we have the best heating, curing, and drying solutions available.

What Makes a Quality Automotive Paint Booth?

Here at Marathon, we offer full-service solutions to help you prepare, spray, and cure
automotive paint jobs with ease. Whether you operate a collision center or a body shop, we have the tools to help you get the job done in style, and we service customers all over the globe. Our paint booths help auto paint experts around the world produce the polished jobs that their customers demand, but what are the key elements of a high
quality automotive paint booth?

Impeccable Design

A paint booth is only as good as the care that went into its design. While other companies might operate on a one-size-fits-all principle and leave their customers to figure out the details on their own, we take pride in our ability to tailor automotive
paint setups that cater to the specific needs of our clients.

In addition to our excellent paint booths, prep environments, mix rooms, and curing technologies, we also work hand-in-hand with our customers to design painting setups that fit perfectly with their goals.

For instance, we can help you design your shop layout to ensure that all of the elements of our complete painting technology suite will be arranged in the most efficient formation. We can also provide training to you and your staff that will make your
company more efficient and productive. With our comprehensive services, you can
eliminate waste and maximize your profits.

Next-Generation Technology

A paint booth is only as good as the technology it uses. Our paint booths feature all of the light sources that you need to see every little detail on the vehicle you’re painting, and you can control the direction and intensity of this lighting with the touch of a button.

Our booths also include intuitive controls that even a novice could use without any issue. If you need training on our paint booth controls, however, we’d be more than happy to help you get started.

We go the extra mile to make sure that your paint jobs are flawless. Our booths feature
comprehensive contamination control, and they also offer total overspray capture to make sure that paint only ends up where it’s supposed to be, which improves your paint job quality and productivity.

Domestic Manufacturing Pride

All of our spray paint booths are made in the USA. We understand the importance of giving back to our roots, and by keeping our business domestic, we ensure that all of our success goes back into the community that supports us. It’s true that everything is just made better in America, and we make sure to pass on the quality and savings that USA-made automotive painting equipment has to offer.

Start Spraying the Paint Jobs of Your Dreams Today

When you work with us at Marathon, you don’t just get the best high-end, next-generation automotive painting equipment around: You also get a relationship with one of the most customer-centered, innovative companies on the market. We work tirelessly to make sure that our customers are set up with the automotive painting solutions that will help them succeed, and we don’t rest until every little detail is buttoned down. To increase the quality and quantity of your paint jobs, give us a call today!

For more information about spray paint booth care visit this blog.