Hydrogen Service Bays

Hydrogen is a very volatile, and without the proper safety environment can cause harm or worse if handled incorrectly. Our service bays have a proven history of safety and reliability. Hydrogen service vehicles (also known as FCEVs) are becoming more common. Be ready to service them SAFELY!

Hydrogen Service Bays - Bus and Fleet
Bus/Train/Fleet Hydrogen Service Bay
Hydrogen Service Bays - Truck and Equipment
Truck & Large Equipment Service Bay

Air Flow – Hydrogen Service Bays

During operations, air is drawn up and into the work area (inside the perimeter curtain). Sensors inside the hood are designed to monitor the environment, and will activate safety components and procedures will rectify any unsafe conditions that may occur AUTOMATICALLY!

Hydrogen Service Bay Air Flow Diagram Front

Air, and any hydrogen gas that may have released or spilled travels up and out through the ducting, and is ultimately exhausted outside, above the roof line. The exhausted hydrogen gas disburses harmlessly into the outside atmosphere.

Hydrogen Service Bay Air Flow Diagram

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Hydrogen Service Bay Features and Components

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