Hydrogen Service Bay

Hydrogen Service Bays by Marathon Finishing
Hydrogen Service Bays by Marathon Finishing

H2 Service Bays are used for hydrogen or LTA fuel source vehicles at an authorized mechanical service providers.

  • Meets All NFPA 2
  • Meets Safety Standards
    Established By All US
    Vehicle Manufacturers
  • For Use In Servicing
    Any “Lighter Than Air”
    Fuel Source Vehicles
  • Ensures Worker Safety
  • Excellent R.O.I.

Marathon is defining the market for “Lighter Than Air” encapsulated service environments. We provide proven safety features and procedures that form the core of a solid, fully user customizable safety zone that has a proven history of stability and reliability.

Marathon will assist you in taking the next big step in automotive evolution, the hydrogen (H2) fuel cell. The future has arrived! Call us now and we’ll make sure you don’t get stuck in the 20th century.