Industrial Finishing Spray Paint Booths

Open Face

Industrial Finishing Open Face Spray Paint Booths

As an Industrial paint booth manufacturer, Marathon engineers an Open Face Spray Paint Booth specifically designed to exceed your expectations! If you need a large booth, a small booth, or anything in between, expect a rugged, heavy duty product, built with quality components right here in the USA.

Reverse Air Flow

Industrial Finishing Reverse Air Flow Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Industrial Reverse Air Flow Spray Paint Booths are designed to be an efficient production finishing solution that can enhance any finishing environment. This model can be ordered with a Spray & Cure heater . Click here for more information about our heat curing units.

Semi Down Draft

Industrial Finishing Semi Down Draft Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Semi Down Draft Spray Paint Booths are designed to be an efficient finishing solution, an excellent balance between cost, quality and functionality. These models can be ordered with a Spray & Cure heater or without. Click here to find out more about our heat curing units.

Front Air Flow

Industrial Finishing Front Air Flow Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Front Air Flow Spray Paint Booths are designed to be an affordable finishing solution when starting up a new business, without sacrificing quality. The Front Air Flow is a great all around spray booth, and popular with finishing professionals. Heating NOT available for this booth.

Side Down Draft

Industrial Finishing Side Down Draft Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Side Down Draft Spray Paint Booths are designed to be a premium down draft finishing solution for high-end production, without the added cost of digging a pit or building a sub floor. This model can be ordered with heater. Click here for heater information.

AMU/Spray & Cure Heat

Air Make Up/Spray & Cure Heating Systems

Fuel efficient systems found here! Do you need to add a Spray & Cure Heat System to your new spray booth order? Need to upgrade your existing spray booth? Are you working with Waterborne paints? If you need heat, we have the best heating, curing, and drying solutions available.

Things to Consider as You Select an Industrial Spray Paint Booth:

Selecting the right industrial spray paint booth for your business can be tricky. There are a number of factors that you'll need to consider as you select the right booth, and not all booths have the same features and specifications. Learn more about the things you should look out for as you select a new industrial spray paint booth and why Marathon Spray Booths is the best spray booth retailer for your needs.

1. Assess Your Application

Take a close look at your working environment. While you might want a heavy-duty outdoor spray booth, is that really the right solution for your small auto paint shop?

Get an idea of how much room you have to work with in your industrial environment, and ask the members of your team about the features that they would like to have in a spray booth. Getting a booth that's either too big or too small for your purposes can make it hard to take care of your day-to-day operations, so take enough time to fully assess your needs.

2. Ask About Customization

The right spray booth manufacturer will be more than willing to create a custom booth for you that perfectly fits your specifications. If a booth manufacturer is unwilling to make a custom booth that will fit your specific needs, try a different manufacturer. Whether you need a certain direction of airflow, a booth that's ideal for your indoor application, or special heating and curing equipment, the right manufacturer will be more than happy to work with you to meet your specifications.

3. Find Out Where the Booth Was Made

It's a simple fact that the best spray booths are made in the USA. The United States has a long tradition of manufacturing excellence, and U.S. companies continue to make spray booths that far outstrip competing products made in other countries. In particular, spray booths made in China are notoriously low-quality.

4. Learn About the Types of Industrial Spray Booths

We offer quite a few different types of industrial spray booths at Marathon. Here are just a few examples of the types of industrial finishing spray paint booths that we make:

Open Face

This type of booth has a full panel that's open to the elements. While this type of booth provides protection from four directions, it also offers some of the best accessibility and ventilation of any of our booths.

Reverse Airflow

This type of spray booth is compatible with heaters, and it features double doors for easy entry. In this type of booth, air enters the booth from the back through filters, and it then moves through the booth from the back forward.


In semi-downdraft paint booths, air enters through filters from the ceiling, and it then moves toward exhaust filters at the back of the booth. These booths can be built in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Front Airflow

This spray booth model is popular due to its economy simplicity. In a front airflow booth, air enters through the doors of the booth and moves through the booth horizontally before it is pushed out through rear exhaust filters.

Side Downdraft

In side downdraft booths, air is pulled down from the ceiling of the booth and pushed out through exhaust vents mounted near the floor. These high-tech booths provide some of the best airflow available for spray painting purposes.

AMU/Spray & Cure Heat

If you're working with waterborne paints, you might want to consider one of these booth options. These heating, curing, and drying options will help you ensure that any paint type will set perfectly.

Why Marathon Spray Booths Is America's Best Spray Booth Manufacturer

Here at Marathon Spray Booths, we make the best spray booths in the USA. We offer fully customized spray paint booths, so whether you need a compact indoor booth or a large, climate-controlled outdoor spray booth, we can work with you to create the ideal booth for your needs.

All of our spray booths are made in the USA, and we take pride in our manufacturing quality and attention to detail. We produce rugged, heavy-duty booths, and we can deliver them to you at top shipping speeds. To learn more about the types of spray booths that we can make for your business, call us at 310-791-5601 today!