Paint Booths

Choose Your Industry or Application… We’ve Got A Paint Booth for You!

Truck & Equipment

Truck & Equipment Spray Paint Booths

Marathon offers a wide array of spray paint booth solutions for Truck & Equipment finishing applications. We can also modify or completely custom design any variation based on these standard configurations. Our custom solutions can meet any requirements you have.

Automotive Refinishing

Automotive Refinishing Spray Paint Booths

Marathon offers a full line of Automotive Refinishing Spray Paint Booths to choose from, or we can custom design any variation based on these standard configurations. From economical and basic to extremely complex and specialized, we have the right solution for your needs.

Woodworking & Cabinets

Woodworking & Cabinet Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Woodworking & Cabinet Spray Paint Booths are the top of line. Whether you are working with small orders or huge product runs, we have the perfect solution. Quality and overall efficiency are significantly increased with the addition of a Spray & Cure heating unit.

Industrial Finishing

Industrial Finishing Spray Paint Booths

Marathon Finishing Systems can engineer, build & install the perfect Industrial Finishing solution. Whether you’re painting just one at a time, or as much as a batch five hundred, Marathon has the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the best value!

Small Parts Ductless Spray Booths

Small Parts Spray Paint Booths

Need a booth that will give you “Big Booth” results, without spending “Big Booth” money? We use the same design methods and materials as our big booths, for the best Small Parts Booths around! No ducting required for most applications. That’s right, NO DUCTING REQUIRED!

Prep Stations

Prep Stations

Our prep stations may be the best solution when you don’t have a lot of space in your facility, but you still need ‘Big Booth’ results. Our prep stations are designed to give you the absolute best value in the industry, and built with rugged steel, and nut & bolt construction.

Powder Coating Booths & Ovens

Powder Coating Booths & Ovens

Marathon Finishing Systems has been engineering Powder Coating solutions for almost two decades, and we have the experience and design background to back it up. We make it look easy! Plus, with our huge selection of booths, we know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Transportable Container Booths

Transportable & Mobile Container Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Transportable Container Spray Paint Booths are designed to be a mobile finishing solution, without sacrificing quality. Whether you need to move a booth around your warehouse, around the state, or around the country, just put it on a flatbed truck and GO!

Outdoor Rated Booths

Outdoor Rated Spray Paint Booths

Marathon’s Outdoor Rated Spray Paint Booths are available in common standard sizes, but each booth is actually custom designed to the customer’s exact specifications. The Outdoor Rated Booth is rugged, heavy duty construction, and we use only high quality components.

Blasting Booths

Blasting Booths

Sandblasting is dirty business! It is critical to provide an environment that puts the worker’s safety first! Our Blasting Booths focus on airborne particulate sequestration and mitigation, providing the most efficient solution, and the safest work environment available.

Grinding/Sanding Booths

Grinding/Sanding Booths

Marathon’s Grinding and Sanding Booths are heavy duty solutions to a industrial strength problem: worker safety! You can provide the best equipment available, and give your workers the cleanest work environment possible! Engineered to exceed your expectations!!!

Waterborne Paint Drying

Waterborne Paint Drying Systems

So you’re concerned about the environment and have decided to switch to Waterborne paints? These paints have specific drying requirements, and our systems meet those demands. Marathon will custom design the perfect solution, and the best value!

AMU/Spray & Cure Heat

Air Make Up/Spray & Cure Heating Systems

Fuel efficient systems found here! Do you need to add a Spray & Cure Heat System to your new spray booth order? Need to upgrade your existing spray booth? Are you working with Waterborne paints? If you need heat, we have the best heating, curing, and drying solutions available.

Hydrogen Service Bays

Hydrogen Service Bays

Marathon is defining the market for “Lighter Than Air” encapsulated service environments. We provide proven safety features and procedures that form the core of a solid, fully user customizable safety zone that has a proven history of stability and reliability.