Paint and Spray Booths

7 Ways to Determine the Best Paint/Spray Booth

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You’re looking for a paint or spray booth, and aren’t sure where to start. The decision is important, and the wrong one can cost you time, money and your company’s reputation if products are not covered correctly. The wrong booth can also be dangerous for employees. Here are the questions to ask to help ensure you’re finding the best paint/spray …

What Should You Look for in an Industrial Spray Paint Booth?

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There are several criteria to consider when selecting an industrial spray paint booth for your business. They include airflow style, size, budget and industry regulations. Of these, airflow style should be considered the most important when selecting a booth for spraying or power coating. Start with the quality of the finish for the products you are painting. A Crossdraft Paint …

Best Car Spray Paint Booths

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Here at Marathon, we produce the best car spray paint booths in the USA. Whether you need a tiny booth that’s perfect for motorcycles or an outdoor booth that resists the sunshine and snow that the seasons bring, count on us to deliver custom-made booths that are perfect for your unique application. Learn more about the types of booths that …

Automobile Spray Booths – How To Use Correctly

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If you are in the car painting business, you likely understand the importance of having an efficient and safe facility in which you can apply the coatings of paint to the vehicle surfaces. A car paint booth should be large enough to accommodate the vehicle that you wish to paint, but it should not be so large that its volume …

waterborne paint drying booths

Tips for Working with Waterborne Paint and Drying Booths

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Working with waterborne paint and drying booths? If you’re looking for a unique method of spray painting that literally cuts airborne emissions in half, waterborne paint and paint drying booths are the perfect paint to use for your next automotive project. In some states like California and Massachusetts, the move towards waterborne paints is almost mandatory. Waterborne paint isn’t a …

Commercial and Industrial Spray Painting Mistakes

4 Solutions to Commercial and Industrial Spray Painting Mistakes

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Are you doing commercial or industrial spray painting? Doing a large paintjob, particularly an automotive one, can be incredibly daunting. Any error, small though it might be, can turn into a glaring problem once the paint dries. We at Marathon Finishing have seen the gamut of problems people encounter while spray painting, and we can tell you with confidence: don’t …

Spray Paint Booths: Basic Instructions for Spray Painting an Automobile

Spray Paint Booths: Basic Instructions for Spray Painting an Automobile

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Spray painting an automobile? Professional auto body shops can charge an arm and a leg for full-body car painting. But if you’re the industrious type who doesn’t mind getting dirty, you can save thousands by spray painting your automotive parts yourself. Of course, Marathon Finishing has the best outdoor auto paint paint booths on the market to help you get …

Spray Paint Booths and The Clean Air Act

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Spray Paint Booths and The Clean Air Act.  In 1970, Congress passed the Clean Air Act and established the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (or NESHAP) in the hopes of reducing the amount of HAPs (or hazardous air pollutants) produced by factories and businesses. With additions made to the act in 1990, the act stands today as a …

Sandblasting Booths. Tips for Staying Safe.

Sandblasting Booths. Tips for Staying Safe.

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Sandblasting Booths. Tips for Staying Safe. Sandblasting is not an activity for the faint of heart, but is incredibly useful for stripping old paint or smoothing rough metal surfaces of old cars, large industrial parts, and more. Sandblasters generally work with compressed air, and the media used to blast can range from shotblasting with metal pellets to soadblasting with baking …