Open Face Industrial Finishing Spray Paint Booths

Similar to the Closed Booths, Open Face Industrial Booths share many of the same characteristics, only with an open front (no doors). The open format, combined with the most basic operational demands, gives you the MOST versatile finishing solution you will find anywhere, at any price! Virtually unlimited flexibility, low cost, easy maintenance, and so operationally simple a child can do it. You just ran out of excuses for waiting! Marathon Finishing Systems can engineer a booth specifically designed to meet or exceed all of your expectations. Whether you need a large or small booth, you can expect a rugged, heavy duty product built with high quality components, made right here in the USA.

Industrial Finishing Open Face Breakout

The Industrial Finishing Open Face Spray Paint Booths are considered by many finishing professionals to be the most versatile booth type of them all, due in no small part to it’s “open” configuration. This basic design is also well regarded for it’s ease of operation and maintenance.

The air enters the booth through the “open” front end of the booth, travels horizontally to the rear of the booth, and finally exits the booth via the rear exhaust filter plenum. It should be noted that if you are considering this booth type, you must keep in mind that this design cannot have a Spray & Cure heater added as an option.

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The Open Face Industrial “OFI Series” Spray Booth

This booth is designed so the air enters through the front opening and surrounds the product with unfiltered environmental air while moving horizontally towards the rear exhaust bank. Overspray from the painting process is captured in the exhaust filters in the back wall of the spray booth.

Marathon Finishing Systems offers a full line of paint booths from 4′ to 40′ wide, and practically any length you require. These units are mainly custom in size and have the ability to add a heater to meet your application and requirements. Marathon designs and manufactures our entire line of spray booths to meet today’s demanding paint technology. Whether you are spraying solvent-based product (paint), waterborne product only, or a combination of solvent and water borne product, we have the right solution for your application. Our team will help you choose the right spray booth package for your application and facility. We can also custom design a specialized system, based on your specific requirements. In fact, most of the systems built and installed by Marathon Finishing Systems are custom engineered for our customers.

If you are looking for a booth specifically engineered for the task of cars, small or medium sized trucks, motorcycles or ATV’s Marathon Finishing Systems will design, manufacture, deliver, install, and then train your staff to properly operate and maintain the complete system. Or if you choose, you can also install the booth yourself with our installation instructions.

Why choose Marathon over our competition?
Here are just a few reasons why:
1. Our spray booths comply with all national (NFPA 33) environmental, fire, and safety codes.
2. Marathon’s spray booths are “Waterborne” ready or always upgradable.
3. Our booths are all Nut & Bolt type construction. No zip (sheet metal) screws!
4. It’s all about the lights! We design our all of our booths with horizontal lighting fixtures (where possible), to help eliminate shadows.
5. We use only “Inspection Grade” LDPI, Inc. brand light fixtures made in the U.S.A. for spray booth applications.
6. Our Spray & Cure heat systems are manufactured in the U.S.A. Energy Efficient and “LISTED” for compliance.
7. All of Marathons products are manufactured with “Top Brand Name” components, made in the U.S.A.


Marathon sets the Benchmark every year with new product releases and smart booth designs, all for an honest price! This is what you can expect from Marathon Finishing Systems.

Of all of the different types of spray booths, this is perhaps the simplest. The air flows into this booth through it’s open face. As the name suggests, this booth is open (has no doors), and so will bring in “unfiltered air from the overall shop environment. Depending on the demands of the finishing requirements, keeping the shop air clean from other operations may be a matter of significant concern, and must be addressed accordingly. The air then travels horizontally (crossflow), covering the paint area with high CFM air flow.
Open Face DiagramExhaust: Finally, the air arrives at the rear exhaust plenum, having removed the overspray and other particulates from the paint area. The air is drawn into the exhaust filters, where the air is filtered before being exhausted out of the booth. Depending on the type of filtration required by your environment, the air can be exhausted directly back into the shop (if you are using chemically activated charcoal filters to remove solvents, for example), or into the outside environment (in the case of standard filter types).