Sand Blasting Booths

Marathon’s Sandblasting Booths are built for doing dirty, dusty work, and keeping particulates from contaminating your environment is a mandatory requirement. Worker safety and product quality can be adversely affected when air quality is not properly established and maintained, and as a business owner, the liability is on you. Marathon’s blasting booths are critical to establishing an “isolated environment” that will not only segregate high particulate work areas, but allow you to provide a safe work environment within those segregated zones, and give you full control over the waste products generated during the production cycle.

Blasting Booths

The Sandblasting Booths is a key safety component when sandblasting is a part of your production cycle. With the astounding array of production methods and processes in use today, there is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" solution. While Marathon offers many "standard" models and configurations, we can also custom design, build, and install a system tailored to meet your exact specifications. If you're going to spend the money, why not spend it on EXACTLY what you need, instead of a "whatever we have in stock" solution you might get from someone else? Like a fine suit, nothing fits quite like "made to fit my needs" does.

Marathon has been providing custom solutions for nearly two decades, and we can show you how to get the most, for the least. Experience the Marathon difference!

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Intake, heated booth: Outside air is filtered twice, once as it enters through the air make up unit located at the side of the booth, and again as it passes through the intake plenum filters (shown in green). In this example, this booth is equipped with a Spray & Cure heating unit.
Semi Down Draft Airflow Diagram
Intake, non heated booth:
The air is filtered twice, once through plenum side filters, and again through the ceiling filters before entering the work area.
Semi Down Draft Airflow Diagram
Exhaust: The filtered air travels horizontally across the length of the booth (crossflow). Finally, the air is filtered of overspray and particulates by the exhaust filters before exiting the booth. Marathon uses standard size intake and exhaust filter media, readily available from most paint and refinishing suppliers.